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Outlook & Outlook Express 錯誤回應碼列表(速查OUTLOOK無法收信;OUTLOOK無法寄信的問題原因)


1 0x80004005 MISC The operation failed Virus Scanner Integration Issue Usually Related To Script Blocking. 和防毒軟體整合的指令腳本有關
2 0x800300FD MISC Unknown Error Indicates That There Is Insufficient Space in the Temp Folder 1.empty Your Deleted Items Folder 2.empty Your Temp Folder; C:windowstemp 可能temp資料夾空間不足,可清空temp資料夾
3 0x80040109 MISC The Operation cannot be performed because the message has been changed Virus Scanner Integration Issue. Some Add-in May Have Altered the Message Upon Sending. 防毒軟體在掃描時可能動到郵件內容
4 0x80040115 MISC The connection to the Microsoft Exchange server is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action 1. the Server Is Not Reachable, Check Your Connection And Verify That Outlook Is in On-line Mode.2. This Issue Could Also Occur With Other Mail Servers, Not Just Exchange. 郵件伺服器斷線或是Outlook本身也在線上,在其他的郵件伺服器也可能發生
5 0x80040119 MISC An unknown error has occurred.Messaging interface has caused an unknown error. 1. Virus Scanner Integration Issue Usually Related To Authentication. 2. This Issue Could Also Occur When There are Errors in Your Pst-file. 防毒軟體整合可能造成身分認證上的問題或PST檔案中有錯誤
6 0x8004011D MISC Task Microsoft Exchange Server reported error (0×8004011D): The server is not available. Contact your administrator if this condition persists. 1. the Server Is Not Reachable, Check Your Connection And Verify That Outlook Is in On-line Mode.2. This Issue Could Also Occur With Other Mail Servers, Not Just Exchange. 郵件伺服器斷線或是Outlook本身也在線上,在其他的郵件伺服器也可能發生
7 0x80040305 MISC Your server administrator has limited the number of items you can open simultaneously. Email too big (Google Apps Sync) These Limitations Can Be Set On the Mail Server. Contact Your Mail Admin To Find Out Which Limitations are in Affect. 信件內附件檔案大小限制的問題
8 0x80040600 MISC An unknown error has occurred Virus Scanner Integration Issue Usually Related To Authentication.this Issue Could Also Occur When There are Errors in Your Pst-file. 防毒軟體整合可能造成身分認證上的問題或PST檔案中有錯誤
9 0x80040607 MISC An unknown error occurred Virus Scanner Integration Issue.authentication Not Enabled For the Configured Smtp Server. 防毒軟體整合可能造成身分認證上的問題
10 0x800420CB MISC POP3_NO_STORE Mail Cannot Be Stored On Server POP3郵件無法存在伺服器上
11 0x800420CD MISC xxx.eml is unable to load because of cannot open file There May Be Something To Do With Antivirus Or Other Application Accessing the Eml File. Rebooting System May Help. 防毒軟體或其他軟體正在使用該檔,嘗試重開機
12 0x80042108 MISC Outlook is unable to connect to your incoming POP3 e-mail server 1. Check Mail Port in Outlooking Setting 2. Increase Timeout Period 可檢查outlook連接埠設定或是將timeout數值增大
13 0x80042109 MISC smtp service denied Smtp Port 25 May Be Blocked By Isp ISP 可能阻擋 port 25,請通知郵件管理員
14 0x8004210a MISC The operation timed out waiting for a response from the receiving (POP) server This Problem Has Been Observed in Some Configurations That Use Antivirus Software To Scan E-mail. the Products in Which This Problem Occurs May Vary. However, These Symptoms Have Been Observed in Configurations That Include Norton Internet Security 2005, Norton Antivirus 2003, Norton Antivirus 2002, Or Mcafee Software Products 防毒軟體在掃描病毒造成郵件伺服器沒回應的狀況
15 0x800CCC00 General LOAD_SICILY_FAILED Authentication Did Not Load 身份驗證(Authentication)未載入
16 0x800CCC01 General INVALID_CERT_CN Invalid Certificate Content 認證(Certificate)內容錯誤
17 0x800CCC02 General INVALID_CERT_DATE Invalid Certificate Date 認證證日期錯誤
18 0x800CCC03 General ALREADY_CONNECTED User Already Connected 使用者已連線
19 0x800CCC04 General CONN N/a N/A
20 0x800CCC05 General NOT_CONNECTED Not Connected To Server 未連線到伺服器
21 0x800CCC06 General CONN_SEND N/a N/A
22 0x800CCC07 General WOULD_BLOCK N/a N/A
23 0x800CCC08 General INVALID_STATE N/a N/A
24 0x800CCC09 General CONN_RECV N/a N/A
25 0x800CCC0A General INCOMPLETE Message Download Incomplete 郵件下載未完成
26 0x800CCC0B General BUSY Server Or Incorrect Domain On Sender's Email Address 電子郵件中的網域或伺服器錯誤
27 0x800CCC0C General NOT_INIT N/a N/A
28 0x800CCC0D General CANT_FIND_HOST Cannot Locate Server 找不到主機
29 0x800CCC0E General FAILED_TO_CONNECT Cannot Connect To Server 連線到伺服器失敗,無法與主機建立連線
30 0x800CCC0F General CONNECTION_DROPPED Connection Closed 伺服器結束連線
31 0x800CCC10 General INVALID_ADDRESS Address Not Known On Server 伺服器無法辨認此郵件位址
32 0x800CCC11 General INVALID_ADDRESS_LIST Mailing List Not Known On Server 伺服器無法辨認的 Mailing list
33 0x800CCC12 General SOCKET_READ_ERROR Unable To Send Winsock Request 無法傳送 Winsock request
34 0x800CCC13 General SOCKET_WRITE_ERROR Unable To Read Winsock Reply 無法接收 Winsock reply
35 0x800CCC14 General SOCKET_INI_ERROR Unable To Initialise Winsock 無法起始 Winsock
36 0x800CCC15 General SOCKET_CONNECT_ERROR Unable To Open Windows Socket 無法開啟 Windows Socket
37 0x800CCC16 General INVALID_ACCOUNT User Account Not Recognized 無法辨認使用者帳號,使用者帳號錯誤
38 0x800CCC17 General USER_CANCEL User Canceled Operation 使用者中斷操作
39 0x800CCC18 General SICILY_LOGON_FAILED Logon Attempt Failed 登入失敗
40 0x800CCC19 General TIMEOUT Timeout 作業逾時
41 0x800CCC1A General SECURE_CONNECT_FAILED Unable To Connect Using Ssl 無法以 SSL 建立連線
42 0x800CCC31 HTTP HTTP_BAD_REQUEST Bad Request Configuration, Or Bad Or Malformed Request 不正確或格式錯誤的指令要求
43 0x800CCCD1 IMAP IMAP_LOGINFAILURE Logon Failed 登入失敗
44 0x800CCCD2 IMAP IMAP_TAGGED_NO_RESPONSE Message Tagged 標記的郵件沒有回應
45 0x800CCCD3 IMAP IMAP_BAD_RESPONSE Invalid Response To Request 對指令要求發出無效的回應
46 0x800CCCD4 IMAP IMAP_SVR_SYNTAXERR Syntax Error 伺服器語法錯誤
47 0x800CCCD5 IMAP IMAP_NOTIMAPSERVER Not an Imap Server 不是IMAP伺服器
48 0x800CCCD6 IMAP IMAP_BUFFER_OVERFLOW Buffer Limit Exceeded 超出緩衝區的上限
49 0x800CCCD7 IMAP IMAP_RECVR_ERROR Recovery Error 修復時發生的錯誤
50 0x800CCCD8 IMAP IMAP_INCOMPLETE_LINE Incomplete Data 資料不完全
51 0x800CCCD9 IMAP IMAP_CONNECTION_REFUSED Connection Not Allowed 連線不被允許
52 0x800CCCDA IMAP IMAP_UNRECOGNIZED_RESP Unknown Response 未知的回應
53 0x800CCCDB IMAP IMAP_CHANGEDUID User Id Has Changed 使用者ID已經改變
54 0x800CCCDC IMAP IMAP_UIDORDER User Id Command Failed 使用者ID的指令失敗
55 0x800CCCDD IMAP IMAP_UNSOLICITED_BYE Unexpected Disconnect 意外
56 0x800CCCDE IMAP IMAP_IMPROPER_SVRSTATE Invalid Server State 無效的伺服器狀態
57 0x800CCCDF IMAP IMAP_AUTH_NOT_POSSIBLE Unable To Authorize Client 無法提供使用者身分驗證
58 0x800CCCE0 IMAP IMAP_OUT_OF_AUTH_METHODS No More Authorization Types 沒有其他的身分認證方式可選
59 0x800CCC90 POP3 POP3_RESPONSE_ERROR Client Response Invalid 無效的用戶端回應
60 0x800CCC91 POP3 POP3_INVALID_USER_NAME Invalid User Name Or User Not Found 無效的使用者名稱或使用者名稱不存在
61 0x800CCC92 POP3 POP3_INVALID_PASSWORD Password Not Valid For Account. 該帳號的密碼無效
62 0x800CCC93 POP3 POP3_PARSE_FAILURE Unable To Interpret Response 無法解釋回應的訊息
63 0x800CCC94 POP3 POP3_NEED_STAT Stat Command Required 需要下STAT指令
64 0x800CCC95 POP3 POP3_NO_MESSAGES No Messages On Server 伺服器上已無此帳號可收的電子郵件
65 0x800CCC96 POP3 POP3_NO_MARKED_MESSAGES No Messages Marked For Retrieval 沒有標記為將要下載的電子郵件
66 0x800CCC97 POP3 POP3_POPID_OUT_OF_RANGE Message Id Out of Range 郵件的ID超出範圍
67 0x800CCC60 SMTP SMTP_RESPONSE_ERROR Invalid Response 不合法的回應
68 0x800CCC61 SMTP SMTP_UNKNOWN_RESPONSE_CODE Unknown Error Code 不明的錯誤代碼
69 0x800CCC62 SMTP SMTP_500_SYNTAX_ERROR Syntax Error Returned 收到語法錯誤
70 0x800CCC63 SMTP SMTP_501_PARAM_SYNTAX Parameter Syntax Incorrect 語法參數不正確
71 0x800CCC64 SMTP SMTP_502_COMMAND_NOTIMPL Command Not Implemented 指令沒有執行
72 0x800CCC65 SMTP SMTP_503_COMMAND_SEQ Improper Command Sequence 不正確的指令序列
73 0x800CCC66 SMTP SMTP_504_COMMAND_PARAM_NOTIMPL Command Not Implemented 指令參數沒有執行
74 0x800CCC67 SMTP SMTP_421_NOT_AVAILABLE Command Not Available 非有效的指令
75 0x800CCC68 SMTP SMTP_450_MAILBOX_BUSY Mailbox Is Locked And Busy 信箱被鎖住或是忙碌中
76 0x800CCC69 SMTP SMTP_550_MAILBOX_NOT_FOUND Mailbox Not Found 無此信箱
77 0x800CCC6A SMTP SMTP_451_ERROR_PROCESSING Error Processing Request 處理錯誤的要求
78 0x800CCC6B SMTP SMTP_551_USER_NOT_LOCAL User Mailbox Is Known, But Mailbox Not On This Server 此已知信箱不在此伺服器上
79 0x800CCC6C SMTP SMTP_452_NO_SYSTEM_STORAGE No Space To Store Messages 已無郵件儲存空間
80 0x800CCC6D SMTP SMTP_552_STORAGE_OVERFLOW Storage Limit Exceeded 以超過郵件儲存空間的限額
81 0x800CCC6E SMTP SMTP_553_MAILBOX_NAME_SYNTAX Invalid Mailbox Name Syntax 不合命名語法的郵件信箱名稱
82 0x800CCC6F SMTP SMTP_554_TRANSACT_FAILED Transaction Failed 郵件寄送程序失敗
83 0x800CCC78 SMTP SMTP_REJECTED_SENDER This Is Caused By Having the Incorrect E-mail Address in the Reply-to Field Reply-To填寫的電子郵件帳號不正確
84 0x800CCC79 SMTP 1. SMTP_REJECTED_RECIPIENTS 2. SMTP_TOO_MANY_RECIPIENTS Server Rejected Recipients 伺服器拒絕傳送至收件者信箱
85 0x800CCC7A SMTP SMTP_NO_SENDER No Sender Address Specified 沒有指定寄件者
86 0x800CCC7B SMTP SMTP_NO_RECIPIENTS No Recipients Specified 沒有指定收件者
87 0x800CCC40 WINSOCK WINSOCK_WSASYSNOTREADY Network Subsystem Is Unusable Network subsystem 無法使用
88 0x800CCC41 WINSOCK WINSOCK_WSAVERNOTSUPPORTED Windows Sockets Cannot Support This Application Windows Sockets 不支援此應用程式
90 0x800CCC43 WINSOCK WINSOCK_WSAEFAULT Bad Address Bad address
91 0x800CCC44 WINSOCK WINSOCK_FAILED_WSASTARTUP Unable To Load Windows Sockets Windows Sockets 無法載入
92 0x800CCC45 WINSOCK WINSOCK_WSAEINPROGRESS Operation Now in Progress (this Error Occurs If a Windows Sockets Api Is Called While a Blocking Function Is in Progress) 當blocking函數進行中,Windows Sockets API又被呼叫時會發生的錯誤

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